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About cottean

Hi, my name is Arlie Keaton but I go by Cotty or Cottean online. I grew up in the mountains on dial-up internet where I first discovered the digital art community; it's been roughly 10 years since then.

I graduated high school in 2015 and only have 2 years of experience from a local community college; everything I've learned is a majority self taught. My key inspirations stem from my nostalgia! (retro anime, mostly the isekai and magical girl genre, retro JRPGs, lost or underground media, and more)

Below are some of my accomplishments!

  • Freelance Illustrationist - self-employed since 2014

  • Prioritize Customer Service

  • I'mmmmm way too hungry right now to add a third dot 😂

art portfolio

My portfolio blah blah blah

terms of service (tos)

All commissioned and bought designs and illustrations made by Cottean ( Arlie Keaton ) come as 'personal-use only' materials. I, the artist, claim all of my work as my Intellectual Property and do not give permission for any of my works to be copied, sold, redistributed, blatantly referenced, or used without my written permission.

This document was made for those who wish to commission my work. Please read through all of my terms of service to ensure a smooth transaction and to maintain proper ownership of designs purchased from me. You may not edit or alter my artwork / designs.